Pricing & Marketing Your Notary Services, It's Not That Complicated!


With this comprehensive course, you can confidently set pricing strategies for your notary services. 

Explore essential factors like market demand and cost analysis to make informed pricing decisions, ensuring profitability and business growth.

Course Content:

  • The Importance of Pricing Your Services: Understand why setting the correct prices is crucial.
  • Avoid Nickeling and Diming Clients: Learn to provide value without underpricing.
  • Pricing General Notary Work: Set competitive prices for standard tasks.
  • Specialized Job Pricing: Price specialized services, including:
    • Hospital visits
    • Jail assignments
    • Proctoring
    • Wedding officiant services
    • I-9 verifications
    • Ink fingerprinting
    • And more
  • Witness Lists and Pricing: Importance and pricing of witness services.
  • Sample Verbiage Scripts and Tips: Communicate pricing and value effectively.
  • Notary Signing Agent Pricing Tips: Specialized pricing advice.
  • Identifying and Countering Low-Ball Offers: Recognize and counter low-ball offers.
  • Payment Collection: Timeline and methods for receiving payments.
  • Marketing Strategies: Develop effective marketing strategies.

Bonus Items Included:

  • Pricing & Marketing Tip Sheet: Enhance your efforts with expert tips.
  • Notary Pricing Sheet: Handy reference for setting and adjusting prices.

  • Training Applies To All 50 States
  • No Modules or Tests
  • Lifetime Access

Master the art of pricing and marketing your notary services today for a more profitable and successful business!

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Bonus Items Included:

  1. Video- 12 Ways Notaries can make money
  2. Pricing & Marketing Tip Sheet
  3. Notary Pricing Sheet

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Pricing & Marketing Your Notary Services, It's Not That Complicated!

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