Master-Ink Fingerprinting , It's Not That Complicated!


Gain the expertise to handle fingerprinting assignments with confidence and precision. Our course teaches you how to roll prints correctly and complete the FD-258 fingerprint card step by step.

Course Outline:

  • What is a Fingerprint? Understand the basics and importance of fingerprinting.
  • Different Types of Fingerprinting: Learn about various methods and their uses.
  • Fingerprint Supply List: Discover essential tools and supplies.
  • Who Needs to be Fingerprinted: Identify individuals and professions requiring fingerprinting.
  • Fingerprint Process: Follow a detailed process for conducting fingerprinting.
  • How to Roll a Good Print: Master the technique for precise and accurate prints.
  • How to Fill Out the FD-258 Card: Step-by-step guidance on completing the card.
  • Pricing and Marketing: Learn to price and market your fingerprinting services effectively.
  • Training Applies To All 50 States
  • No Modules or Tests
  • Lifetime Access

Start offering ink fingerprinting services and expand your notary business today!

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Master-Ink Fingerprinting , It's Not That Complicated!

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