Bundle (Ink Fingerprinting, I-9 (Employment Verification Form) & Start Translation Business Courses)


Enhance your notary business with our comprehensive bundle of additional services. Learn how to diversify offerings, attract more clients, and increase income with the following services:

Ink Fingerprinting

  • Integrate ink fingerprinting into your business.
  • Learn effective marketing and pricing strategies.
  • Master the completion of the FD-258 fingerprint card.

Translation Services

  • Offer translation services without needing to speak another language.
  • Provide document translation for personal, business, and Apostille services.
  • Gain practical tips on marketing and pricing these services.

I-9 Form Completion

  • Becoming proficient in completing the I-9 form is a valuable addition to your services.
  • Handle various types of identification for accurate form completion.
  • Receive expert advice on marketing and pricing this essential service.

Bonus Items Included:

  • Tip Sheet: Essential tips for enhancing your new notary services.
  • Sample Ink Fingerprinting Forms and Instructions: Practical examples and detailed instructions.

Expand your notary business today with our Additional Notary Services Bundle and unlock new revenue streams!

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  • Training Applies To All 50 States
  • No Modules or Tests
  • Lifetime Access

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Bouns Items included:

YouTube- How to add Translation Services How to make

Tip Sheet- Translation Services

Sample PDFs for I-9

I-9 Instructions

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Bundle Package (Ink Fingerprinting & I-9 Form Courses)

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Bundle (Ink Fingerprinting, I-9 (Employment Verification Form) & Start Translation Business Courses)

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